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Mai 2024 / Learners

Published: Wrexham Leader

Carla, Jessica and Rebecca Jones, 19 year old triplets from Wrexham, have all chosen to take the vocational route in life.

Highly driven and career minded, all three have fully embraced the work based learning path as an alternative to A Levels.

Business administration and finance are the routes the girls have chosen to pursue with ACT, Wales’ leading training provider, proving that academia is not the only way to carve a successful career in commerce. 

Rebecca said: “College didn’t work out for me and I didn’t want to go straight into work without any career progression. ACT was the alternative for all of three of us.”

She continued: “I think the balance at ACT is so much better than college. You get to work and complete assignments at the same time. Most of the knowledge I gain can be put into practice straight away. I much prefer to study, work and learn at the same time.”

Carla added: “You’re more likely to secure employment by doing a traineeship or apprenticeship. At college you complete the course then you have to look of a job whereas ACT is a real friendly and supportive environment where you can learn and work and earn money at the same time.”

Carla and Rebecca are on a work placement as Administration Apprentices at Tute Education, the UK’s leading social education platform, and are quickly advancing through their training.

“I really enjoy working as an Administrator at Tute. I regularly update the website with lesson information, deal with telephone enquiries and liaise with head of schools. I have progressed so much since starting my Traineeship in February last year and I can’t wait finish my Level 2 Apprenticeship and start Level 3 which will help me learn more and progress in the company.” said Rebecca.

Carol Skitt, HR and Administration Manager at Tute Education said taking Carla and Becky on as an apprentice has been hugely beneficial to the business. 

Carol said: “Tute is also a young company, so offering apprenticeships fits well with us as a business, supporting both our growth and providing the opportunity for motivated individuals to grow and develop with us. Carla and Becky have been fantastic and we love how enthusiastic and eager they are. We fully support their progression and work closely with ACT to support them.” 

Jessica completed a Traineeship at ACT and went on to do a Finance and Business Administration Apprenticeship at Wrexham Council.

Whilst talking about ACT, Jessica said: “ACT is a good organisation to help people get a recognised qualification and to help them get a job and be able to have something to show for themselves. The option to go on work experience prepares you for when you get a job and gives you an idea of the type of work you’d like to get and also gives you more experience to show possible employees which could help them decide whether they would like to employ you.”

Established more than 25 years ago, ACT Training has centres across Wales and a range of training opportunities including Traineeships, Apprenticeships, Higher Apprenticeships and Essential Skills training in numeracy and literacy.

Managing director Andrew Cooksley said: “Having left school myself at the age of 15 without any qualifications I am all too aware how difficult negotiating the transition from full-time education in to the world of work can be, especially at a younger age.

“To hear such great success stories, like that of triplets Carla, Jessica and Rebecca, who are very focused, driven and want to lead successful lives, is a great delight to ACT Training staff who work hard to provide learners across Wales with the pathways they need to succeed.”