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Mai 2024 / Learners

Computer-loving teen, Ethan Robinson, 18, from Cardiff, has successfully started the first steps in a rewarding career at iTeach, a company that provides consultancy, training and installation services for Apple technology to the business and education sector.

Ethan loves nothing more than playing computer games with his brothers and friends. However, he really struggled at school. He was not very academically minded, he was not very engaged and, as a result, he did not achieve many GSCEs.

Being a school leaver with no qualifications and work experience, Ethan found his options were extremely limited and spent a few months at home, unemployed, worrying about what he was going to do.

He decided to enrol on a Traineeship at ACT Training, Wales’ leading training provider. Funded by the Welsh Government, a Traineeship is a Pre-Apprenticeship training programme that prepares 16-18 year olds not otherwise engaged in education or employment.

ACT found Ethan a placement with iTeach to help him build on his confidence, gain work experience in the IT industry and improve on his employability.

Andrew Rosser, Director of iTeach said: “We were asked by ACT to give Ethan a one-week placement last year. We could see very quickly that he was extremely keen and reliable which is just what we needed. The week quickly past and we decided to keep him around for 4 days per week. After a few months we were so pleased with his progress and attitude that we offered him a full-time job via Jobs Growth Wales. Since then he has been a great asset to our team and we hope he stays with us for a long time.”

Ethan said: “Before I signed up to a Traineeship I did not have any career prospects. But after just under a year with ACT I have managed to gain four great qualifications and a work placement at iTeach who have now employed me as a full-time member of their team. I’ve gained so much experience and work skills. My Dad is so happy that I am out of the house and doing something with my life and I am so pleased that I am working in the IT sector and have a bright future ahead of me.” 

Ethan is due to progress onto an Apprenticeship with iTeach and will continue to achieve nationally recognised qualifications, earn a wage, gain skills and progress and develop his role further in the company.

Andrew Cooksley, Managing Director at ACT said: “To hear such great success stories like that of Ethan’s, who before linking up with iTeach had no idea how to turn his strongest skills to making a living, is a great delight to ACT Training staff who work hard to provide learners across Wales with the pathways they need to succeed.”