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Mai 2024 / Learners

We are pleased to congratulate one of our learners, Serena Hughes, as she has been chosen as Pitman Training’s Student of the Month.

Serena is one of our Managed Training Services (MTS) learners. Through ACT, Communities for Work and Pitman’s Training, Serena has successfully completed a Medical Office Course, showing perseverance and determination throughout her training. Read her story below:

“After finishing a Voluntary position in June last year and being unable to find work I was referred to Communities for Work.  Upon discussing what I would like to do and the opportunities available Communities for Work suggested I do a Pitman’s Training Course.   I was told that there was a Medical Office Course at the Training Centre and asked if I would be interested in this.  I said I would be interested as it would add another string to my bow and open up new opportunities.

“I started the course and found it very challenging at first.  I failed to pass my first attempt of the examinations but through determination and very good help from all the staff at the training centre I re-sat the examinations and was so excited to find out later that I had passed two of the examinations one with distinction.  I felt all the hard work had paid off.  I would like to say thank you for all the help I received at the Training Centre. 

“For the future I am hoping that the qualifications I have will