16-19? Diddordeb yn Twf Swyddi Cymru+?

                                Cysylltwch â ni

Beth yw Twf Swyddi Cymru+?

Jobs Growth Wales+ (JGW+) is a fantastic training and development programme for 16–18 year olds, who need the skills, qualifications, and experience to progress onto an Apprenticeship, set up your own business or land your dream job.

You will receive employability training and all the support you need to fast forward to the next stage of your life – all while being paid!

But what does that really mean?

JGW+ means something different to everyone. Whether you’re unsure what to do next or have a clear focus, it’s a unique programme tailored to you.


Support available through JGW+

JGW+ has three strands of support. Our Learning Coaches will decide which level is right for you and then develop an individual learning plan sececifically for you and your needs.

The Engagement strand is an ideal starting point if you are not sure what you want to do or need some support understanding what your options are.

If you already have a rough idea of what you want to do, or you have an interest in a particular career, then the Advancement strand is for you.

If you think you’re ready for full-time employment and want to get into work ASAP, then the Employment strand is for you. We will help you secure work placements where you can gain hands-on experience while you continue to gain the necessary training and learning.

What are the benefits of JGW+?

Once you’re signed up to our JGW+ programme, you will:

  • Earn a training allowance of up to £55 per week
  • Receive flexible, tailored and specialist support
  • Gain Level 1, route-specific qualifications
  • Take part in industry-focused work tasters, placements and enrichment days
  • Receive support in finding a quality job, with a local employer


of our learners feel supported with their learning goals, and making sure they achieve them


of our learners feel safe, respected and treated fairly at ACT


of our learners progress into employment or further education
  • You can join our JGW+ programme anytime throughout the year
  • You must be between 16-18 yrs old, living in Wales, and currently not in full-time education, employment or training

How do I become a JGW+ learner?

If you’re ready to apply or want to find out more about our JGW+ programme, get in touch with our team today.

“ACT was a really good experience, I saw progression in terms of my confidence and talking to others as well as my learning and the support was really good. I’m now going to do my Level 2.”
Megan Nedrud, Level 1 Automotive Learner
“These skills are going to help me when working with large groups of people in university, it will help me with presentations and future work placements. This will enable me to showcase the skills that I picked up and learned during my time at ACT.”
Kerene Kipulu, Level 1 Customer Service Learner
“I have developed my communication methods and feel more confident in speaking with customers. The employer provided constant help and support with the role. Staff members took the time to go through tasks with me. Everyone has also helped to make me feel valued and part of the team.”
Lois Denatale, Level 1 Business Administration Learner