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If you’re looking to become an Apprentice, you’ve come to the right place!

At ACT we’re committed to offering you the best Apprenticeship opportunities. We offer a huge range of high-quality Apprenticeships and Work Placements with leading employers who are waiting to meet young, passionate candidates like you.

We currently work with 600+ employers across Wales including Welsh Health Boards, Cardiff University, Molson Coors, Celsa Steel, The Vale Resort and Welsh Ambulance Service as well as successful small businesses like Daisy Day Nursery and Earth.

Below is a list of Apprenticeship opportunities we have on offer right now, but we develop hundreds more throughout the year, so please make sure you come back soon and check out our other opportunities.

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Llawn amser
21 Maw 2024
£23,322 - £25,830 y flwyddyn