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The first group of BBC Make It Digital trainees in Wales have just completed their placements, including Lucy Campbell, 23, from Cardiff.

A couple of months ago, I came back to Wales stressed and broke. I had spent the previous four years in London, studying Book Arts and Design and then trying to become a millionaire with the skills I had learned. But I found it tough-going and hard to make ends meet. I needed to get a job to take the next step but I didn’t have the experience on my CV.

The first group of BBC Make It Digital Trainees in Cardiff receive their certificates from rugby legend and BBC commentator Jonathan Davies

Now, after completing the BBC’s Make It Digital training programme in Cardiff, I feel like I am in a much better place.
We spent the first few weeks in the classroom where my tutor Chris taught us a variety of invaluable tools and skills within the digital sector. I had already set up a website but was unsure about what to do and which software to use.

I learned how to market myself, generate content and most importantly to trust in the skill set I already have. I then had the chance to put it into practise during a three week placement at BBC Wales.

I worked in the Innovation Lounge. It is an amazing space, packed with loads of up-and-coming technology and equipment. I loved it.

I spent days researching new tech, working on their website and assisting with twitter. I found it enjoyable because nobody really knew I was on placement. Everyone just assumed I had worked there for a while but never met me before. I had worried I might spend the whole time making tea, but I was taken seriously and my input was appreciated. It was brilliant.

At first, I was super nervous because of the BBC’s brand and reputation. I wanted to make a good impression and some contacts for the future. During my time I got to watch live news on air. I managed to see a few sets and some famous people. But more than that, I learnt that the BBC is a wonderful place to work. Everyone is really friendly and says hello to each other walking down the corridors.

I know I am really lucky to be in the first group in Wales to benefit from the BBC Make It Digital training programme. My main goal has always been to start up my own business and be able to run it from home. At university, I learnt lots of different techniques but not how to market myself. And that’s where Make It Digital helped me dramatically. I have a lot more interest in my site now and a much better understanding of online creativity.

It has really helped me to cement my ideas for the future and realise that my goal of earning a living as a creative is attainable.

The BBC Make It Digital training programme in Wales is a partnership between BBC Wales, the Welsh Government and the UK Government Department of Work and Pensions. The scheme is currently operating in Cardiff and Swansea, with training places also being offered in Wrexham and Bangor early in 2016.